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With the full range of EMM air inlets, it is the essential part of the humidity sensitive Aereco technology which is proposed in 3 different colours. Its simple and robust design already made its success in many countries. With its acoustic canopy, it reaches an acoustic attenuation of 37 dB.

Humidity sensitive : modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity rate.

Acoustic attenuation : up to Dn,e,w = 37 dB with accessories.

Easy maintenance : no adjustment, simple yearly-dusting.




The REGEL-air ventilation system consists of - dependent on window size and requirements - one to two individual ventilators of 125 mm width. The ventilation flaps are designed with differing counterweights and begin to close the ventilation openings at a differential pressure of 20 or 30 Pa (between outside and inside). The ventilation system is excellently suited for the most frequently occurring pressure rations between 4 and 60 Pa and thus provides an optimum room atmosphere.

On an annual average up to 90% of wind speeds are below 10 m/s = approx. 60 Pa (wind strength between 5 and 6).The REGEL-air ventilation system is designed so that - dependent on pressure ratios - it can be used as an inlet air as well as an outlet air system. If the REGEL-air ventilation system functions as an outlet air element, the condensation water arising is fed into the drainage area and led outside via the rabbet drainage. In combination with exhaust air systems as well as shaft ventilation systems it purely works as a feed air element.




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