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IDEAL 4000 is the perfect synthesis of innovative window technology and vitality for life.

With a 3-6 chamber system, 2 rebate seal levels and a depth of 70mm, the "IDEAL 4000" windows offer excellent thermal insulation properties - delivering a range of windows today which satisfies the standards of tomorrow.

ideal 4000

ideal 4000 6K

  • 5 chamber system as standard combination
  • heat insulation characteristics for the standard combination Uf-value = 1.3W/m2K
  • depth of 70 mm
  • sound insulation up to 46 dB (up to sound insulation class IV)
  • modern design, sloped surfaces and round flanges inside and outside
  • double design variety in the sash (surface offset | half-surface offset)
  • use of the relevant security window hardware guarantees outstanding protection against break-in



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